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Celebrating Creativity // KAEDFEST '18

In September every year, Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design or well-known as KAED from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) will organize a festival mainly to showcase the arts, works and talents of the students while also promotes entrepreneurship within the institution. For this year, the theme is ‘Reassemblage of Tales’, a theme promoting Malay heritage culture and tradition.

In line with the noble concept and theme of the festival that lifts up the students’ artwork and entrepreneurship spirit, Carving Crew Design is honoured to provide support as one of the main sponsor for this event. We in Carving Crew Design believes that the passion in arts and entrepreneurship within students should always be encourage. As one of the practitioner in the industry, we hope that our little contribution could spark the inspiration to the students to excel in their study and the future.

As for this event, Carving Crew Design has contributed on the concept and products for official merchandise, VIP Plaque, trophies and token of appreciation for almost all event that is being held throughout this festival. We are blessed to have fruitful discussion with the team from KAEDFEST while developing the concept for the token of appreciation and merchandise which we believe is one way to expose the students on the reality of the industry. We are glad that all the discussion and proposals turn out very well and most importantly resembles the theme of the festival.

Thank you to IIUM, KAED and the organizing committee for allowing us to contribute to the event. We hope that the relationship build throughout this event will be long lasting and our team is always ready for any kind of future cooperation. Thank you KAEDFEST’18!

VIP Token of Appreciation

Trophy for Bazaar's Best Booth

KAEDFEST Official Merchandise

KAEDFEST Official Merchandise

KAEDFEST Official Merhcandise


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