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Carving Celebration // Bangkok

As we grow - we tend to realize that - giving back is vital - and a sense of pleasure.

When we received an email requesting for sponsorship for a heritage studies exhibition, we knew that this is the time to give back to our alma mater. As most of us are former art & design student, we realized the importance of having a good exhibition to showcase the findings and study of cultural heritage of a choose place. It is the biggest moment for the group of students.

For this collaboration, we manage to share our views and expertise in model making and laser cutting service to the students. Through the process, the students came to out studio for hands-on learning on using laser cutting machine and how to prepare a good drawing for the purpose. We also get to share a few tips on model making - what is the best material to use, how to assemble, the scale and proportions and also the related software to use.

Mihrab of Bang Luang Mosque, Bangkok

For this exhibition, we offered the team to utilise our production capability in art & craft making by producing the official merchandise for the event. The production team provided us with their own design (with the right specification for laser cutting) and we produced it. The outcome is quite good, and the response from the visitors are overwhelming. You should check out their design and you will be really inspired.


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