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Crafting Compliments // A CYCLE OF HAPPINESS

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Who do you meet today?

Waking up in the morning, you see the familiar faces in your life, either your family or your housemates. Your routine continue at the office, where you deal and have conversation with colleagues, clients and bosses. Upon arrival you noticed the security guards standing at the parking area, the cleaners doing their daily work and also the ‘uncle’ selling newspaper at the small stall at the lobby. During lunch break, you are then been served nasi ayam at the cafeteria by the ‘makcik’ whom famously known with her smile. Later that evening, you go to the shopping mall for a quick session with your friends, chatting and gossiping like there is no tomorrow. Oh yes, you remember that you have some groceries to settle, and then you’ll meet the people who help you with the trolley and also the cashier who keeps entertain you though he/she had work for 5 straight hours. You then go back home and have a deep sleep, recharging your energy for another hectic day tomorrow.

Of all the people you meet daily, how many of them receive a smile, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ from you?

William James, well-known psychologist and philosopher, said, “The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” We all want to be appreciated in whatever we do. It is the nature of human being to be recognised for our accomplishments and contributions. We never know how much an appreciation could meant to somebody, some of them will be happy throughout the day while some of them may be more determine to work harder. It all starts with a simple ‘thank you’ or a body gesture.

Showing appreciation to others is a cycle of happiness. It will return back to you as how you yourself crave for it after fulfilling a task. The amount of help you received from people surrounds you is unreal. Can you count the amount of help people gives to you in a day that you have left unnoticed? Thus, it is a responsible for you to always recognise others for their good deeds and helps.

In a working field, appreciating people is strongly effective in improving the performance and also as a morale booster. When we appreciate our colleagues or workers, it will creates an environment where people are more strive to make a positive influence in the company. If you are a boss, then always reward your workers for their effort. You should always say ‘thank you’, treat them for meal, reward them with some hours off or whatever kind of gesture you find suitable with your office environment. Several studies show that people often leave a company not because of the pay check or opportunities to use skills and talents, but because of bad relationship with their boss and colleagues which also mean that they have not received enough recognition of what they have contributed to the company.

An appreciation for a great service at the office

What are the tips to show appreciation? First of all, remember that we do not live on this world alone. We need help from everyone around us as how other people may need our help too. Thus, be sincere in appreciating others and do not hope for anything in return for being nice.

Second, be specific and genuinely show it through eye-contact or your body gesture. Just say, “Bob, thank you for your help today in finishing this report.” State the name and the help he gave, to show that we are really glad and bless with the support he gave.

As for some, they will always find special way to show gratitude. It can be by treating the people for a meal, buying them a gift, visiting them whenever are free and many other way. All of this depends on the individual on how he would like to express his gratitude.

A gift for someone special

Let’s practice this cycle of happiness and make the world a better place.


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